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Why should you learn SAP? What is the future of SAP?

Are you stuck with some these questions floating around in your mind? If yes, then this simple article will enlighten you to the path of career in SAP.

It is one of the biggest players in the ERP software market. There are not many ERP solutions that can threaten SAP, not even Microsoft’s ERP solution. The number of companies that have implemented SAP solutions is very easy to figure out. The number of modules SAP offers and supports is increasing every year. Each business has a number of different modules such as Financial Accounting (FI), Material Management (MM), Project System (PS), Sales and Distribution (SD), Quality Management (QM) etc. With time, they have differentiated some larger modules into several smaller ones such as MM into Plant Maintenance (PM), Production Planning (PP) etc. There are different modules for different enterprises depending on nature and size of the business. This has opened up new job opportunities for people and allowed them to become consultants in the line of work they are most comfortable in.

SAP has become the top-notch in terms of services and number of users, so the company keeps rolling out new tools and products every now and then. The best example should the SAP HANA: A cloud based in-memory, column-oriented, relational database management system that speeds up the processes dramatically. It is a solution that provides a huge cache for database which speeds up the processes amazingly. It is cloud based solution which can be used as a standalone application platform as well and able to handle the big data. People have started to train themselves in HANA and soon it will create large job opportunities.

SAP has added another feather in their cap by name “Hybris”. SAP Hybris products are designed to be easy to implement and integrate with any system. It consists Hybris Commerce, Cloud for Customer, Hybris Billing, Hybris Marketing and many others. The solutions are so flexible that it can grow together as the company's needs evolve. And as the components are designed to work together, the transition process gets easier the more SAP Hybris products you decide to use.

The another type of consultants are the technical consultants or ABAP developers who constantly have new tools and techniques to play with. All the new solutions coming out from the stable of SAP mean that there is no chance of redundancy anytime in the future as far as the technical consultants are concerned. Older more experienced ABAP-ers can learn new techniques and move on to new career opportunities while fresh batches of developers take their place. It is an ongoing endeavour. Now, we have a brighter and clearer picture of potential and job opportunities SAP has, so you can pursue a career in SAP.

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